Bio Global Industries (BGI)

Growing Together The Smart Way

BGI has devoted years to enhancing agricultural profitability through research and development. Now part of the ‘Biomass Connect’ project, (a UK Government-funded initiative aiming to accelerate the commercialisation of clean energy technologies), BGI brings together a vast knowledge base of forestry & soil health.

Our Purpose

The vision of the Alliance is to improve people’s food security, nutrition, agricultural profitability & sustainability in the face of climate change.

Our Mission

To address the challenges facing food security and agriculture by tapping the wealth and diversity of resources, knowledge, information and expertise, from and between its members, in order to stimulate concrete initiatives at all levels.
The Technology Centre
Hunters Oak
Chesham Buckinghamshire HP5 2UU.
+44(0)1494 757055
51.7306475 -0.6414485

Bio Global Industries (BGI)
The Technology Centre, Hunters Oak, Asheridge, Chesham Buckinghamshire HP5 2UU.

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