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Welcome to the Biomass Connect new media resources centre, which will grow to showcase a range of videos and podcasts related to biomass feedstock performance, agronomy, economics and environmental benefits; as well as innovations between policy academia and industry.

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Latest Videos

Making the Right Decisions – Kevin Lindegaard
Kevin Lindegaard’s talk at the IBERS Demo Event, March 2023. He explains how making the right decisions when planting and harvesting willow and other biomass crops is essential and how […]
Envirocrop Explainer
Find out how Envirocrops is revolutionising the biomass industry.
Drone Flyover – IBERS Demo Event March 2023
Relax with a drone flyover from our recent Biomass Connect Demo event at IBERS, Aberystwyth. The perfect opportunity to see what a trial site growing the biomass crops willow and […]

Latest E-learning

Continuous Cover Forestry
Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) avoids clearfelling and creates sustainable diverse forests which reduces risks posed by climate change and biotic threats.
Agroforestry is ‘farming with trees’, it includes the integration of trees on farmland and the use of agricultural crops and livestock in woodlands and offers the opportunity for multifunctional land […]

Latest Podcasts

Soil Organic Carbon Audio
This Audio File explores the effect of planting biomass crops on Soil Organic Carbon (SOC).
Biomass Connect on the BBC
BBC Three Counties Radio speak to Steve Hunt, Operations Manager at the BGI Chesham Hub Site and William MacAlpine from Rothamsted Research about the Biomass Connect project.
Climate change an overview TA

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Latest Webinars

Biomass Connect Webinar 3
Biomass Crops - Some Interesting Alternatives. Some biomass crops are bigger and leave a greater impression than others whilst others might be humbler but still get the job done. Our panel includes environmental farmer John Hawkins and expert silviculturalist Bryan Elliott.
Biomass Connect Webinar 2
The second webinar in our series. “Emerging Markets for Biomass Crops” contains presentations from William Cracroft-Eley the chairman of Terravesta and Prof J.J. Leahy from the University of Limerick. William […]
Biomass Connect Webinar 1
The first of our Webinar Series – Land preparation – starting off on the right foot with speakers Mike Cooper from Miscanthus Nursery Ltd. and David Watson from Energy Crops […]