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Welcome to the Biomass Connect new media resources centre, which will grow to showcase a range of videos and podcasts related to biomass feedstock performance, agronomy, economics and environmental benefits; as well as innovations between policy academia and industry.

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Latest Videos

Tree Planting Technique
Tree planting techniques by Bryan Elliot, filmed at the Biomass Connect SRUC demo event.
Umberleigh Barton Farm Case Study
This case study features a successful farm-scale community heating scheme using short rotation coppice (SRC) willow as a fuel source. The project has been cost-effective and provided a range of benefits, including energy self-sufficiency, reduced carbon emissions, and potential biodiversity enhancements.
Auchincruive Estate, Ayrshire – Demo Event
Added: 8th Nov. 2023 A short video of the successful Biomass Connect demo event at our Ayrshire Hub Site. Be sure to join us on our next event.

Latest Podcasts

Reed Canary Grass
Listen to Dr. Nana Afranaa Kwapong talk about Poplar as a Biomass Crop.
Reed Canary Grass
This audio file talks you through Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) as a biomass crop.
Soil Organic Carbon Audio
This Audio File explores the effect of planting biomass crops on Soil Organic Carbon (SOC).

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Latest Webinars

Webinar 5 – Biomass Crops and Water Management
Fast-growing biomass crops can play a part as a toolkit measure in water quality protection from diffuse agricultural pollution as well as managing point source discharges such as those from […]
Multifunctional Landscapes
Multifunctional Landscapes slides from the talk by Professor Yit Arn Teh presented at the Biomass Crops and Diversification event at Cockle Park Farm, Newcastle University.
Webinar 4 PowerPoint Slides
The presentations by Caroline Ayre and Gill Alker in Webinar 4 : The Regs – How to play by the rules when planting and using biomass crops were packed full […]

Latest E-learning

Continuous Cover Forestry
Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) avoids clearfelling and creates sustainable diverse forests which reduces risks posed by climate change and biotic threats.
Agroforestry is ‘farming with trees’, it includes the integration of trees on farmland and the use of agricultural crops and livestock in woodlands and offers the opportunity for multifunctional land […]