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Welcome to the Biomass Connect new media resources centre, which will grow to showcase a range of videos and podcasts related to biomass feedstock performance, agronomy, economics and environmental benefits; as well as innovations between policy academia and industry.

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Latest Videos

March Bird Survey
Added: 22nd May. 2024 Bird surveys at Langaller Farm in Somerset where they grow the biomass crop Miscanthus and at Umberleigh Barton Farm in Devon where they grow willow as a biomass crop. This latest survey was filmed over a few days in March. 
Willow at Chester Zoo
Added: 25th March. 2024 How Chester Zoo is growing, harvesting and using willow for its animals.
Birds in and around a Miscanthus Plantation
Added: 11th Dec. 2023 We have produced two short films looking at birds in and around willow and Miscanthus crops in Devon and Somerset. The films feature ornithologist and wildlife detective Ed Drewitt (along with BC team member Kevin Lindegaard of Crops for Energy) and were filmed in mid-November with a dawn and dusk survey at each site.

Latest Podcasts

Reed Canary Grass
Listen to Dr. Nana Afranaa Kwapong talk about Poplar as a Biomass Crop.
Reed Canary Grass
This audio file talks you through Reed Canary Grass (Phalaris arundinacea L.) as a biomass crop.
Soil Organic Carbon Audio
This Audio File explores the effect of planting biomass crops on Soil Organic Carbon (SOC).

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Latest Webinars

Webinar 8 PowerPoint Slides
Webinar 8 contained a number of slides with detailed, complicated information on them and due to time constraints we had to skip over these relatively quickly. A number of people […]
Webinar 8 – Managing Fuel Storage and Drying
Managing fuel storage and drying to best practice quality standards. Biomass crops produce high yields in a short period of time. However, depending on the crop type and the end […]
Webinar 7 – Maximising biodiversity in your Biomass crop plantation
Biomass crops and their surrounds are brimming with life – birds, bees, butterflies and predatory arthropods all live in, or on the edge and in the surrounds of these plantations. […]

Latest E-learning

Continuous Cover Forestry
Continuous Cover Forestry (CCF) avoids clearfelling and creates sustainable diverse forests which reduces risks posed by climate change and biotic threats.
Agroforestry is ‘farming with trees’, it includes the integration of trees on farmland and the use of agricultural crops and livestock in woodlands and offers the opportunity for multifunctional land […]