Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) – Edinburgh

A south easterly facing sloped site of mineral sandy loam, exposed to a westerly wind. Vegetation is historically OSR and S barley. Planting of Miscanthus, willow, poplar and Eucalyptus was undertaken during spring 2023. The plans below show the layout of the trial plots at this hub site and the updates will keep you informed of their progress and performance throughout the trials.

Address Boghall, Biggar Road, Edinburgh, EH10 7DX.
Latitude, longitude 55°52’44.5″N 3°12’11.4″W (55.87903486587691, -3.2031666746901992)
Grid ref NT 24951 65863
What 3 words ref for entrance ///lifts.keen.confronts

Site Plans

Bog Hall Farm Site PlanBog Hall Farm Soil Sample Locations


Mean Annual Precipitation (mm) 690 mm
Mean Annual Temperature (°C) 12.1 ◦C
Altitude 197 m
Exposure Westerly wind.
Topography Slope.
Aspect S.E facing.
Soil type Mineral sandy loam.
Current vegetation coverage OSR, S.Barley.
Other relevant site info

Project plans/actions

Which biomass crops

Planted (as of August 2023)

  • SRC willow (6-way mixture) (~0.5 ha)
  • Miscanthus giganteus (~0.5 ha)
  • Miscanthus ‘Athena’ (~0.5 ha)
  • SRC poplar (0.137 ha)​
  • SRF poplar (0.125 ha)​
  • SRF Eucalyptus (0.114 ha)
  • SRF alder (0.028 ha)
  • Black locust Turbo (0.034 ha)
  • Black locust Turbo Obelisk (0.031 ha)
  • Sida hermaphrodita (10.5 m x 7.7 m, 0.008 ha)​

To be planted:

  • Reed canary grass​​ 10 m x 25m 0.025ha
  • Switchgrass (upland ecotype)​ 10 m x 25m 0.025ha
  • Switchgrass (lowland ecotype) 10 m x 25m 0.025ha

Variety trials​ planted (as of August 2023):

  • SRC willow (2023)
  • Miscanthus (2023)​

Variety trials​ to be planted:

  • Grasses (2024)
Planting goals/aim Spring 2023 (& 2024).
Agronomic dates (planting, harvesting schedule)

Planting: Spring 2023 (except 2024 trials)

Harvest: Jan/Feb 2024.

Management methodology (spray off, nutrient additions, ploughing, site prep, others)

– Ploughing/site prep Oct 2022 (Winter wheat cover – except on Miscanthus plots) + Glyphosate (early spring 2023).

– Pendimethalin pre-ems (spring 2023).

– Graminicide 3-6 weeks post planting.

– Dow Shield 3-6 weeks post planting (if required).

– Interrow weeding/spot spraying when required (spring/summer).

Machinery to be used TBC.

General Info

Field management history 2022 OSR.

2017-2022 Spring barley.

Other site detail of note


First Demonstrator Hub Soil Data Published
The first soil dataset from across the eight Biomass Connect Demonstrator Hub sites has now been published. This dataset contains the baseline measurements of key soil properties, including carbon, bulk density and pH, which are critical to assess the impacts of biomass crops on soils through future repeat sampling.
Demonstrator Hub Update – SRUC Boghall – May 2024
Inter-row spraying and gapping up have been the main activities at the SRUC Boghall Demonstrator Hub in Edinburgh this May. The plots are looking good.
Demonstrator Hub Update – SRUC Boghall – April 2024
Gapping up and replanting have been the main activities at the SRUC Boghall Demonstrator Hub in Scotland this April. The plots are beginning to show some good signs of growth, but the weeds are growing in some too.
Demonstrator Hub Update – SRUC Boghall – March 2024
The Boghall Demonstrator Hub has been very windy throughout March. The ground is still soft but is just about OK for machinery to access the land once again. Buds are appearing on many of the crops and most things are under control and ready for a flurry of activity once the weather improves and planting materials are received.
Demonstrator Hub Update – SRUC Boghall – February 2024
Scotland experienced some well-documented extreme weather at the beginning of the year with both of our SRUC demonstrator hubs suffering from Storm Henk and Isha. Despite the damage there are now signs of hope in most plots and work has commenced with spraying and planning for 2024.
Biomass Connect Hub Site Updates – November 2023
With Winter on its way, growth has all but stopped at the hub sites. So, rather than have an individual update for each Hub Site we have a quick round-up below along with some photos. Starting in the North and working our way south.
Tree Planting Technique
Added: 4th Dec. 2023 Tree planting techniques by Bryan Elliot, filmed at the Biomass Connect SRUC demo event.
Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh – October 2023
October 2023 – Hub Site Update The SRUC Edinburgh site was very wet, windy, and cold in October. There was a mild start to the month but it turned cold […]
Boghall Farm, Edinburgh Demo Event
Added: 8th Nov. 2023 The weather may not have been great but our demo event at Boghall Farm near Edinburgh was enjoyed by all.
Biomass Connect Demo Event – SRUC, Scotland
Biomass Connect together with Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) successfully hosted two demonstration events at SRUC hub sites in Ayrshire and Edinburgh, Scotland. The events were attended by a diverse group of land managers, consultants, biomass processors, policy makers, and researchers.
Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh – September 2023
September 2023 – Hub Site Update The SRUC Edinburgh site experienced something of a heatwave at the beginning of September but it turned colder later in the month. The electric […]
Willow Growth at Boghall, Edinburgh
Added: 19th Oct. 2023 Another quick assessment of willow growth by Kevin Lindegaard, this time from our Boghall Hub Site in Edinburgh. Once again establishment and growth have been very good indeed. The crops are doing well seeing as they were only planted 5-6 months previously.
Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh – August 2023
August 2023 – Hub Site Update It has been quite a wet August, warm and very very windy. Observations from the different plant plots The SRF Alder is growing well. […]
Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh – July 2023
July 2023 – Hub Site Update 10th July 2023: Sida rhizomes were sent from RRes Harpenden to SRUC at the Boghall site. Received the following day. 14th July 2023: Electric […]
Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh – June 2023
June 2023 – Hub Site Update The Willow variety trial was planted on 13th & 14th June by the Rothamsted Research team and team members from SRUC. Conditions were hot […]
Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh – May 2023
April and May 2023 – Hub Site Update Glyphosate spraying of the plots for planting was undertaken and weed die-off is evident. This was followed by spot spraying some of […]
Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh – March 2023
March 2023 – Overview of progress to date Remedial ground-work The arable site was in good condition. Baseline sampling took place after the spring OSR harvest and no specific remedial […]
Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh – February 2023
February 2023 The weather has been quite wet, but the site isn’t too boggy. We expect to be able to get on to spray in the next couple of weeks. […]
Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh – January 2023
January 2023 Risk Assessments for grazing, browsing and crop damage threats were undertaken. Snow and very low temperatures recently. However, this is normal for January. Expect field to be workable […]
Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh
December 2022 Summer weed control, cultivation and drilling complete. A winter wheat cover crop has been drilled on all wood crops plots but not on those due to have miscanthus […]

Base line soil samples have been taken, ploughing is in progress, Hopefully planting wheat cover crop week beginning 24 Oct 2022.  


55.873875 -3.207468 Boghall Farm, Edinburgh, UK