Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh – May 2023

13 July 2023

April and May 2023 – Hub Site Update

  • Glyphosate spraying of the plots for planting was undertaken and weed die-off is evident.
  • This was followed by spot spraying some of the more pernicious weeds, Docks and Thistles.
  • The Rothamsted Research planting team arrived on the 11th of April with planting material. Marking out and planting were undertaken on the 12th. All bare-root varieties of trees, (except for the Eucalyptus), and the SRF Poplar were planted by the Rothamsted Research and SRUC teams.
  • SRC Poplar and Eucalyptus will be sent later for planting as the transport capacity wasn’t sufficient to undertake both sites in Scotland at the same time. There is also the risk of a late frost that could damage any planted Eucalyptus.
  • The SRUC team installed the tree guards and cut back the Black Locust.

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