Demonstrator Hub Update – SRUC Boghall – March 2024

08 April 2024

March 2024 – SRUC Boghall Demonstrator Hub Update

Bog Hall Farm Site Plan

Bog Hall Farm Site Plan

The Boghall Demonstrator Hub has been very windy throughout March. The ground is still soft but is just about OK for machinery to access the land once again. Buds are appearing on many of the crops and most things are under control and ready for a flurry of activity once the weather improves and planting materials are received.


Crop Diaries

Click on the titles below to find out how each of the crops are progressing.


  • Buds are visible on the SRF Alder but there is no sign of bud burst yet

Black Locust

  • There are some brown/reddish buds visible on the SRF black locust ‘Turbo’
  • The SRF black locust ‘Turbo Obelisk’ was dug up on 18th March but has not yet been sprayed due to high winds.




  • Some extra canes have been put in for the SRF eucalyptus as more high winds are forecast.


  • The SRF Poplar has some small buds visible but they are not green yet.
  • The SRC Poplar is still dormant.


  • The 0.5ha Miscanthus giganteus was sprayed and topped at the end of February.
  • The 0.5ha Miscanthus Athena plot is ready for ploughing as soon as we get a date for planting.
  • The 2023 Miscanthus variety trial was topped at the end of February.
  • The 2024 Miscanthus variety trial plot was sprayed at the end of February and will be cultivated closer to the planting date.



  • There is a lot of bud burst on the 0.5 ha SRC willow. Some OSR weeds need attention.
  • The SRC willow variety trial is beginning to show some bud burst too. Cutting of this was scheduled for 25th March.



  • The Sida looks really sad. There are no signs of life (yet).
  • Some OSR weeds are popping up.

Reed Canary Grass

Planting of the reed canary grass is scheduled for the week beginning 22/04/2024


Planting of the switchgrass is scheduled for the week beginning 22/04/2024

Plans and Actions

  • Reed canary grass and switchgrass planting is scheduled for the week beginning 22nd April.
  • We are hoping the black locust ‘Turbo Obelisk’ will be delivered on 15th April ready for planting.
  • Pathways have been sprayed they now need to be disced and sown.
  • Observations for grazing and pest damage are ongoing, as are inspections of the fence lines which will be sprayed off for weeds as needed.
  • A Biomass Connect Demonstrator Hub Demo event is scheduled for 6th June 2024.

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