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Webinar 8 PowerPoint Slides
Webinar 8 contained a number of slides with detailed, complicated information on them and due to time constraints we had to skip over these relatively quickly. A number of people […]
Webinar 8 – Managing Fuel Storage and Drying
Managing fuel storage and drying to best practice quality standards. Biomass crops produce high yields in a short period of time. However, depending on the crop type and the end […]
Webinar 7 – Maximising biodiversity in your Biomass crop plantation
Biomass crops and their surrounds are brimming with life – birds, bees, butterflies and predatory arthropods all live in, or on the edge and in the surrounds of these plantations. […]
Webinar 6 – Black Locust and Energy Canes
Some biomass crops are more well known than others, but it’s not all about Willow and Miscanthus as they can’t possibly be the best crop for all situations. There are […]
Webinar 5 – Biomass Crops and Water Management
Fast-growing biomass crops can play a part as a toolkit measure in water quality protection from diffuse agricultural pollution as well as managing point source discharges such as those from […]
Multifunctional Landscapes
Multifunctional Landscapes slides from the talk by Professor Yit Arn Teh presented at the Biomass Crops and Diversification event at Cockle Park Farm, Newcastle University.
Webinar 4 PowerPoint Slides
The presentations by Caroline Ayre and Gill Alker in Webinar 4 : The Regs – How to play by the rules when planting and using biomass crops were packed full […]
Biomass Connect Webinar 4
The Regs – How to play by the rules when planting and using biomass crops Before you plant perennial crops or use the biomass in a combustion system you need […]
Biomass Connect Webinar 3
Biomass Crops - Some Interesting Alternatives. Some biomass crops are bigger and leave a greater impression than others whilst others might be humbler but still get the job done. Our panel includes environmental farmer John Hawkins and expert silviculturalist Bryan Elliott.
Biomass Connect Webinar 2
The second webinar in our series. “Emerging Markets for Biomass Crops” contains presentations from William Cracroft-Eley the chairman of Terravesta and Prof J.J. Leahy from the University of Limerick. William […]
Biomass Connect Webinar 1
The first of our Webinar Series – Land preparation – starting off on the right foot with speakers Mike Cooper from Miscanthus Nursery Ltd. and David Watson from Energy Crops […]