School of Geosciences

University of Edinburgh

We are one of the largest and most successful interdisciplinary groupings of geographers and geoscientists in the UK, with a community of staff, students and researchers passionately committed to understanding the impact of climate on the Earth's systems, the environment and ecosystems, as well as the social, economic, cultural and political implications for society. Through our staff and students' many achievements, we present cutting-edge research, inspirational teaching and innovative thinking, attracting some of the greatest minds from around the globe. Our work is continuously expanding our knowledge of our planet and the lives of ordinary people. Our research and teaching span:
  • physical sciences
  • social sciences
  • humanities
We work closely with other universities, charities, the third sector, communities and governments, and business and industry to respond to global and social challenges and do justice to future generations.
Logo for School of Geosciences
The King's Buildings
James Hutton Road
Edinburgh EH9 3FE
+44 (0) 131 651 7068
55.9227374 -3.174983

School of Geosciences
The King's Buildings, James Hutton Road, Edinburgh EH9 3FE

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