Developing and demonstrating on-farm pelletisation technology to process energy crops and agricultural residues year-round

Led by White Horse Energy

White Horse Energy Ltd, working with a leading engineering company based in Germany, will develop a transportable mobile pelletisation technology able to operate behind the farm gate in processing a range of energy crops and innovative agricultural residues year-round.

White Horse Energy’s intention is for this innovation to unlock a significant new supply of domestically sourced, sustainably produced pellets for the UK energy market as it seeks to fully decarbonise. The project will work closely with both farmers and end users of pellets across the UK to bolster the UK’s position as a global pioneer in green agriculture and low-carbon technologies.

As well as the core technological innovation workstreams, the project will involve a field-testing programme to assess the innovation in operational use on farm sites. This, in turn, will inform a rigorous supply chain assessment of the cost savings and carbon benefits of the innovation for UK biomass supplies and the wider energy market. Further, White Horse Energy will undertake a comprehensive consultation of UK farmers to understand the opportunities and challenges of implementing the innovation on a commercial basis across the UK agricultural sector.

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