Taeda Tech Project – Growing woody crops in aeroponics for a sustainable future

Led by University of Surrey

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Growing Woody Crops in Aeroponics.

Taeda Tech Project is focused on optimising aeroponic technology for cultivating Short Rotation Coppice (SRC) willow planting material. Preliminary findings have shown that, in comparison to traditional field multiplication, the technology is able to cultivate SRC willow:

  • Faster,
  • achieve a higher yield,
  • on a smaller land footprint and,
  • with greater quality control.

Excitingly, the project’s novel technology is demonstrating that it is possible to grow beyond leafy greens in indoor farming systems. They have big ambitions to apply the technology to help strengthen traditional farming by cultivating superior quality woody crops. In the future they plan to work towards enhancing research and development into strengthening crop genetics. There is also an eye to support the cultivation of plant nursery stock for other climate action such as reforestation and rewilding efforts.

The project is led by the Centre for Environment and Sustainability at the University of Surrey involving academics from a wide variety of disciplines. Areas of expertise include plant science, digital twin modelling, life cycle assessments and socio-economic modelling.

Partners on the project include high-profile academic and commercial associations to increase the scope of impact and enhance commercial success. Partners include UK Urban Agri Tech, Rothamsted Research, Aberystwyth University, Forest Research, NIAB, LettUs Grow, NMC2, Glideology and CapitalAgri.

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