BioWILL project – video round-up
January 31, 2024

The BioWILL project is looking at ways that farmers might be able to compartmentalise and valorise different parts of biomass crops and therefore get much more out of the crop. Watch videos from the project partners here.

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Farming Connect team Expands Knowledge of Biomass Crop Potential through Biomass Connect Event
January 26, 2024
Exploring IBERs' newly established biomass hub site plots.

A team of Farming Connect’s development officers were invited to IBERS for an event that was part of the ongoing activities organised by the Biomass Connect Project to enhance awareness of emerging biomass industries and potential benefits within the land-based sector.

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Exploring the Future of Biomass: Workshop Report Investigates Novel Crops and Forestry Species for Industrial Biomass
January 04, 2024

A recent Supergen Bioenergy Hub Stakeholder workshop focussing on novel crop species suitable for industrial-scale production of biomass in the UK has identified the most promising novel biomass crops for near-term deployment in the UK…

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CHCx3 Cropping Options Survey for Growers
January 03, 2024

The Centre for High Carbon Capture (CHCx3) project would like to better understand the key requirements of growers when determining which crops to grow on their land or as part of their rotations.

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