Hub Site Update – SRUC Edinburgh – August 2023
September 28, 2023
SRF Poplar. B. Flannery next to a healthy-looking specimen.

August 2023 – Hub Site Update It has been quite a wet August, warm and very very windy. Observations from the different plant plots The SRF Alder is growing well. […]

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Hub Site Update – AFBI Hillsborough – August 2023
Black Locust has snapped due to high winds.

August 2023 – Hub Site Updates All plots have been mowed apart from the miscanthus. Wet conditions have not affected access to site. Weed Control Miscanthus (all plots) had a […]

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Hub Site Updates – IBERS Aberystwyth – August 2023
Drone view of SRC Poplar

August 2023 – Hub Site Update This summer has been very wet. Some areas of the paths are becoming wet and traveling on them will cause damage. However, there are […]

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Hub Site Update – NIAB Headley Hall – August 2023

August 2023 – Hub Site Update The following is a combination of reports from the hub site manager at Headley Hall and reports from a site visit by the Hub […]

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Biomass Connect at the Farming Connect Innovation and Diversification Event
September 27, 2023
Biomass Connect Booth

Biomass Connect made a notable appearance at the recent Farming Connect Diversification and Innovation Event, occupying a booth and delivering a presentation on the challenges and opportunities associated with the cultivation of biomass crops. The event, organised by Farming Connect and hosted at the Royal Welsh showground, garnered considerable interest from land managers across Wales.

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Biomass Connect at the 2023 CONFOR Woodland Show
September 26, 2023
CONFOR Woodland Show 2023

The 2023 CONFOR Woodland Show brought foresters, woodland managers and tree workers of all kinds together at the Royal Bath and West showground last week. Nicholas Allison from the North Wyke Biomass Connect Hub Site at Rothamsted Research in Devon was there to represent the Biomass Connect team and to spread the word about our hubs and website.

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North Wyke Demo Event Report
September 20, 2023
Crop Tour

The event attracted a diverse audience of approximately 50 individuals from various sectors of the industry, including farmers, foresters, consultants, and researchers. Throughout the day, lively and constructive discussions laid the groundwork for the biomass industry’s development. Attendees left feeling enthusiastic and well-informed, eager to participate in future events dedicated to advancing the industry.

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Biomass Connect at the Agroforestry Show
September 12, 2023
The Agroforestry Show

Biomass Connect had two eventful days at the agroforestry show, where we actively engaged with numerous individuals, companies and organisations who shared a keen interest in biomass agroforestry. Our project partners’ enthusiastic presence at our booth was welcomed, as they offered their unwavering support, interacted with visitors, and addressed inquiries pertaining to the integration of biomass crops into farming systems.

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Envirocrops Competition
September 05, 2023

Play the Envirocrops Cropper game and be in with a chance of winning a prize by using the tools and providing feedback!

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