Biomass Connect Takes the stage with Biomass Crops and Products Display

06 December 2023

Biomass Connect, participated in the prestigious Royal Welsh Winter Fair on November 27th and 28th, a flagship event for the Welsh land-based sector. As one of Europe’s premier prime stock shows, the Winter Fair attracts audiences from across the region for two days of competitions, exhibitions, and displays.

Biomass Connect with a strategically positioned stand above the main cattle ring, offered a warm welcome to guests with hot drinks and mince pies. Attendees were able to access a diverse array of literature, alongside an impressive collection of materials showcasing different forms of planting stock, growing and harvested crops, and end-use products derived from a variety of crops.

Of particular note were the large miscanthus rhizomes that sparked discussions on planting techniques, soil health, and carbon storage. Visitors were intrigued by the harvested materials, prompting inquiries about their usage for energy, as well as their potential as homegrown bedding and building materials. Notably, the displayed willow whips had reached an impressive height of around 4 meters after just 8 months of growth.

Common questions centred around the choice of species, suitable locations, yield, and harvest practices. The issue of land use and food production emerged as a topical concern among farmers, leading to engaging discussions guided by Biomass Connect’s knowledgeable staff. Visitors were directed to relevant literature on the stand and encouraged to explore Biomass Connect for additional resources such as harvesting and planting videos and audio fact files.

Financial returns for crops also drew keen interest, with examples of financial information available on some commercial biomass sites. While markets in the industry are still evolving, Biomass Connect showcased its commitment to providing a robust and unbiased information platform to aid land managers and advisors with decision-making.

The Biomass Connect stand witnessed a constant flow of visitors over both days, ranging from school children and agricultural students to teaching staff and representatives from various organisations. Many expressed a desire to visit the local Biomass Connect hub site in IBERS, where crops are cultivated as part of a UK project funded by the Department of Energy Security and Net Zero.

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