Biomass Connect visit to BIFoR FACE

24 May 2023

The Biomass Connect team recently visited the Birmingham Institute of Forest Research Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Facility (BIFoR FACE) at Staffordshire. A research facility investigating the impact of increased atmospheric carbon dioxide on forests. This research facility is dedicated to understanding how forests respond to the rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

At the BIFoR FACE facility, mature trees (about 180-year-old oak woodland) are being exposed to increased levels of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide at a concentration of 150 parts per million (ppm) is pumped around the trees, while measurements are taken to forecast the response of both the trees and the soil to this increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide. The BIFoR FACE facility comprises three treatment plots that receive elevated liquid carbon dioxide, alongside three matched control plots. The research focuses on the interaction between carbon dioxide and the entire forest ecosystem. Various aspects, including tree growth, stem respiration, air quality, soil carbon, soil respiration, insect life, and other indicators, are measured to understand the forest’s response to elevated carbon dioxide levels.

Since its inception in 2017, this research initiative has generated a wealth of data that aids in understanding the impact of climate and environmental change on woodlands. Visit the BIFoR FACE website to read about some of the results from this ongoing research.


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