Biomass Connect visit Western Bio-Energy

10 May 2023

Biomass Connect team members recently visited Western Bio-Energy in Port Talbot South Wales, to find out more about this dynamic biomass-to-energy generation plant.

Western Bio-energy is a 15.8 MWh power plant, supplying electricity direct to the grid from biomass combustion. This power plant is able to process material from a range of sources, including waste wood materials such as chip board. Interestingly, this system doesn’t require the biomass feedstock material to be processed into pellets, or another intermediary form, prior to combustion, and is instead able to use a great range of biomass feedstocks types, which simply require chipping.

This presents a great opportunity for biomass growers, as this power station is a consumer that is ready to purchase biomass supply feedstock direct from landowners, and in quantities that are accessible for the average grower.

See the video of our trip to the Western Bio-Energy plant for more information and insight!


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