Bird Surveys on Biomass Plantations – March 2024

22 May 2024

As part of the Biomass Connect project ornithologist and wildlife detective Ed Drewitt (along with BC team member Kevin Lindegaard of Crops for Energy) have been making informal bird surveys at Langaller Farm in Somerset where they grow the biomass crop Miscanthus and at Umberleigh Barton Farm in Devon where they grow willow as a biomass crop. This latest survey was filmed over a few days in March.


Farmland bird populations have been declining for decades as a result of farming practices (large monocultures of food crops, use of insecticides and herbicides) and more recently climate change. Perennial biomass crops such as willow and Miscanthus could potentially help reverse this trend by providing feeding opportunities, roosting habitats and wildlife corridors. There are many scientific journal articles that cover this subject in depth. However, the evidence of the potential benefits has as yet not been sufficient for biomass crops to be embraced as a solution by environmental and conservation bodies.

Look out for the full report from March which will be added to the website soon.

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