Demonstrator Hub Update – SRUC Auchincruive – February 2024

20 March 2024

February 2024 – SRUC Auchincruive Demonstrator Hub Update

Ayr Site Plan

Ayr Site Plan

Scotland experienced some well-documented extreme weather at the beginning of the year with both of our SRUC demonstrator hubs suffering from Storm Henk and Isha. Despite the damage there are now signs of hope in most plots and work has commenced with spraying and planning for 2024.


Crop Diaries

Click on the titles below to find out how each of the crops are progressing.


  • Dead trees were removed and replanted with new ones. Tree guards and canes were replaced where possible
  • Storm casualties have been propped back up again.
  • Some buds are visible.
  • The plot was gapped up on 1st February.

Black Locust

One or two of the Black Locust ‘Turbo’ were snapped in the wind, but they are generally okay.

The Black Locust ‘Turbo Obelisk’ are still small but this may have protected them from wind damage.


There was quite a bit of heavy storm damage to the SRF Euclayptus at Auchincruive but despite being windswept there weren’t any actual broken stems. There was some minor frost damage but they are currently looking green and healthy.


Some of the SRF Poplar in the front rows were damaged in the storms but those that were salvageable were uprighted.

There was also damage to the SRC Poplar with some snapped trees but they are still alive.


The Miscanthus plots are fully senesced and due to be sprayed and topped as soon as conditions allow.


There was no obvious storm damage to the willow plot which is currently looking good. The trees have lots of catkins and some bud burst and the plot is full of bird life.


Reed Canary Grass

The Reed Canary Grass plot area is to be sprayed and cultivated as soon as possible ready for the start of the grasses trial.


The Switchgrass plot area is to be sprayed and cultivated as soon as possible ready for the start of the grasses trial.

Plans and Actions

  • Everything is still very wet and boggy but hopefully the tractor will be able to get on site soon.
  • Silphium and Reed Canary Grass seed is on site but not yet sown.
  • The grasses demo lots are due to be sprayed and cultivated as soon as possible.

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