Global Hydrogen, an energy solutions company, is proud to announce the launch of its modular micro biogas plants

09 January 2023

The global hydrogen project is an ambitious endeavour to revolutionise how we generate, store, and use energy. This project will involve the development of a network of hydrogen production and distribution centres, as well as the development of innovative technologies to improve efficiency. In addition, the project will also involve a subsidiary, Turbo Green Electric, which has an exclusive, unlimited territory, full license to use the SMBP (Self Mixing Biogas Plant) invention.

The SMBP invention is a revolutionary technology that can convert organic waste into energy. It is an efficient and cost-effective energy generation method and is expected to significantly contribute to the global hydrogen project. The SMBP invention can potentially reduce energy production costs while also reducing emissions and improving air quality. Additionally, this technology will enable the production of hydrogen fuel on a large scale, allowing for a more sustainable energy source.

Global Hydrogen, a leading provider of clean energy solutions, has announced its plans to launch modular micro biogas plants on the market in 2023. The company has entered into an agreement with Tarpol, a renowned engineering and construction firm, to design, build, test and evaluate the technology of a prototype of a modular GH200 micro biogas plant with a capacity of up to 5kW.

The project will be carried out in five stages. The first stage will involve the development of SMBP technology, which will be used to produce hydrogen fuel. This will include the installation of the GH200 micro biogas installation in various locations around the world. The second stage will include the testing and optimisation of the technology to ensure that it is efficient and safe. The third stage will involve the construction of the necessary infrastructure to support the project, such as pipelines and storage facilities. The fourth stage will include the implementation of the project, and the fifth stage will involve the monitoring and maintenance of the system.

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