Hub Site Update – Newcastle University Cockle Park Farm – March 2023

05 May 2023

March 2023 – Overview of progress to date

Remedial ground-work

The arable site was in good condition. Baseline sampling took place after the winter wheat harvest and no specific remedial work was required at the site.

Fencing to protect planting where required

There is a significant vertebrate grazing pressure at the site and SRC willow and poplar in the adjacent field has suffered serious grazing.

Standard autumn ground preparation

Established a wheat cover crop by direct drilling in autumn 2022 across the whole site.

Spring ground preparation

  • The Demo Plots SRF, SRF POP and SRF EUC should be sprayed with glyphosate using an ATV sprayer or knapsack to facilitate planting these areas.
  • Before cultivation occurs, P and K adjustments should be made, but pH is fine.

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