Hub Site Update – NIAB Headley Hall – May 2023

13 July 2023

April and May 2023 – Hub Site Update

  • Land preparation was completed ahead of planting, this included glysophate spray on the plots where poplar and bare-root varieties were to be planted.
  • The area for Miscanthus variety trials was power-harrowed prior to their planting day scheduled for the 17th of April.
  • The planting teams from Rothamsted Research arrived on the 16th of April with bare-root planting material. Plots were marked out. Also, some spot spraying of weeds was undertaken prior to planting to help prevent competition from the weeds.
  • Planting was undertaken on the 17th by the Rothamsted team and the NIAB team.
  • Alder, both Black Locust varieties, Eucalyptus and SRF Poplar were planted on the 17th.
  • The team returned on the 18th to plant the SRC Poplar plot.
  • The NIAB team subsequently installed tree guards on the Alder, Eucalyptus and SRF Poplar.
  • The NIAB team also cut back the Black Locust plants as per instructions.
  • Several hares have been spotted, so fencing will be needed to protect the young plants.

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