Hub Site Update – SRUC Ayrshire – May 2023

14 July 2023

April and May 2023 – Hub Site Update

  • Glyphosate spraying of the plots for planting was undertaken and weed die-off is evident.
  • This was followed by spot spraying some of the more pernicious weeds, Docks and Thistles
  • The Rothamsted team arrived on site at Auchincruive with planting material on the 12th of April. The SRUC team and a willing band of volunteers joined in to mark out and planting was undertaken on the 14th. All bare-root varieties of trees, (except for the Eucalyptus), and the SRF Poplar were planted.
  • The SRUC team installed the tree guards and cut back the Black Locust.

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