Hub Site Updates – IBERS Aberystwyth – January 2023

02 March 2023

January 2023

  • Risk Assessments for grazing, browsing and crop damage threats were undertaken.
  • Areas of the field that have been drilled with grass seed in field 1 are very wet. The areas left as furrows are a lot drier. Fields 2 and 3 are much drier than field 1 most likely because they are on a slope. There is one wet patch in field 2 however this is not in an area of the field that will be used for the plot trials.
  • We expect to be able to get machinery onto field 2 and 3 from mid-March assuming the weather follows a similar pattern to recent years. We think field 1 will be later around early April.
  • No obvious problems with the site.
  • Deer/Vertebrate Grazing Survey completed.

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