Hub Site Updates – IBERS Aberystwyth – June 2023

15 August 2023

June 2023 – Hub Site Update

  • Establishment across the site overall looks good. Like everywhere across the country, the lack of any meaningful rain has stunted growth a little, but some Eucalyptus species like E.nitens, which we had concerns about when planting all seem to be surviving.
  • Some inter-row weed control is high on the agenda. Weeds are quite prevalent among the Black Locust trees in the SRF Demo plots.
  • The call to use an electric fence was made around the SRC Poplar as there had been evidence of rabbits digging. It’s the area nearest the trees and hedgerows. Electric fencing is being organised for the rest of the areas as some of the commercially planted Miscanthus has some evidence of grazing.
  • The team from Rothamsted Research with help from the IBERS team planted the SRC Willow variety trial over a couple of days (6th and 7th of June).

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