Chiltern Area ‘Our Food Forum’ Visit BGI Hub Site

14 July 2023

A Group of 12 stakeholders/landowners visited the Biomass Connect Hub Site at Bio Global Industries in Buckinghamshire earlier this week. The group was from the local Chiltern area ‘ Our Food Story’ who were interested in learning more about growing biomass crops. They enjoyed a 3 hour tour of the plantation where they learned about:

  • biomass crop growing,
  • harvesting,
  • measuring the nutrients in the soil with the ENABLE probe
  • composting
  • more about the Biomass Connect Project.

They all enjoyed the networking opportunities and looking at the synergies between the various project partners and sent feedback saying:

“For me that was my 2nd visit. During the 1st visit, I learned something of the technical wizardry that underpins your pioneering work in the areas of energy security and soil regeneration. This 2nd visit revealed the heart qualities of what motivates you all. I am grateful knowing you operate within our “local”. I look forward to discovering all the ways we will weave our work together locally, regionally, nationally and globally.”

Mark Lewis Our Food Forum


“A wonderful and inspiring visit to your land last week. There was so much information to take in. You really are at the cutting edge of soil science and providing solutions for local and global communities. You really do deserve enormous success and I look forward to learning more with you in the future .”

David Metcalfe, local business owner

Best of all, they have asked to come back again as the crops begin to flourish.

Sharing knowledge, exchanging ideas and increasing awareness of the potential of biomass crops in this way is what Biomass Connect is all about. We look forward to seeing them return soon.


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