2nd Edition of the State of Carbon Dioxide Removal Report

19 June 2024

The second edition of the State of Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) report has been released, highlighting the current progress and future needs for CDR to meet the Paris Agreement’s temperature goals. The report is a global assessment of the state of CDR and the gap we need to close.

It covers both conventional and novel CDR methods, noting that around 2 GtCO₂ per year is currently being removed, mostly by conventional methods. Novel methods are growing rapidly but still represent less than 0.1% of total CDR. The report also introduces new indicators and data portals to track CDR development.

The report also contains the following useful infographic, and we’ve highlighted (in green) the many roles biomass can play in CDR. This infographic illustrates that the ‘readiness’ of biomass crops for CDR is high, the mitigation potential is large, and storage timescales range across all the categories (from decades to >ten millennia).

For more details, visit State of CDR.

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