Agriculture Diversification Scheme Nurturing Novel Crops and Biomass Enterprises in Wales

20 December 2023

In a bid to encourage agricultural innovation and diversification, the Agriculture Diversification Scheme in Wales is currently open for applications until 12th January 2024. This initiative holds significant promise for farmers eager to explore novel or alternative crops beyond the conventional arable or horticulture varieties.

Under this initiative, cultivating crops like Miscanthus, to sell them off-farm for purposes such as fibre, bedding, energy, or medicinal use, may qualify for support through the diversification scheme. This support is designed to aid in the development or establishment of new farm enterprises.

The Agricultural Diversification Scheme supports.

  • Investment in capital equipment such as specialised equipment required for establishment, harvesting and storage and processing of the new crop, as would the cost for seeds and plants.

(It should be noted that growing Miscanthus for on-farm use such as bedding or for contracting  charges would not be eligible.)

More information regarding the scheme can be found at Agriculture Diversification Scheme | Sub-topic | GOV.WALES

Or email [email protected] with enquiries.

You may be interested to read or watch the Burlerrow farm case study about  a business that has developed a successful enterprise growing and processing Miscanthus for bedding and a fuel source.

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