Biomass Connect Demo event – Cockle Park Farm, Newcastle University

15 August 2023

Biomass Connect with Newcastle University, supported by the National Innovation Centre for Rural Enterprise (NICRE) successfully hosted an informative demonstration event at the Cockle Park Farm, Newcastle University. The event provided a platform for attendees from the biomass industry to gain insights and engage in discussions focused on biomass production, agroforestry, land use and diversification.

The event included a highly informative talk on multifunctional landscapes by Prof. Yit Arn Teh from Newcastle University [Click to view PowerPoint slides], and detailed information on the ongoing agroforestry trials at Newcastle University by James Standen, the Director of Newcastle University Farms.

Attendees visited the biomass connect hub site at the Newcastle University Cockle Park Farm and were taken on a tour of the biomass crops planted onsite, including Willow, Poplar, Black Locust, Alder, Eucalyptus, and Miscanthus. Bryan Elliott from Eucalyptus Renewables contributed to discussions on establishing biomass crops, emphasising the need to create the right environment for growing biomass crops and the need to focus on soil health for good growth of biomass crops.

It was a bright sunny day and attendees enjoyed a splendid view of the biomass crops, engaging in informal discussions and networking throughout the event.

Don’t worry if you missed this demo event. Biomass Connect has a series of upcoming demo events. Keep an eye on our social media accounts, news feed and events calendar for more information on the following upcoming demo events.

If you feel as though you missed out or were there and want to relive the demo event, here’s a photo gallery and short video of the event.

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