Biomass Connect Hub Site Updates – August 2023

06 October 2023

Biomass Connect has now collated the August 2023 updates from our Hub Sites.

The reports this month include an overview of progress to date at each site. Many of the sites were also visited by the Hub Site coordinators from Rothamsted Research so they contain more detailed reports and lots of photos. Both the similarities and the differences between the sites make for interesting comparisons as the crops start to grow.

As would be expected during July and August, weed control has been the main activity on most of the sites. This has been achieved with a variety of techniques such as strimming, spraying and hand-weeding. The exact technique used has been dependent on crop variety, weed species and the level of weed proliferation. Checks for insect infestations and grazing damage have also been made. In general, crop growth has been good and the various plots are beginning to look like biomass crops now that they have emerged, established and put on some growth.

Find out more from each of the hub sites. For ease of access here are links to the latest updates.

Hub Site Updates August 2023

Here are a few photos from the sites in August. There are many more in the individual reports:

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