Energy Now Interview with Dr. Jeanette Whitaker on Biomass Energy Production in the UK

09 July 2024

Jeanette with some Miscanthus at a BIomass Connect Demonstrator Hub

Jeanette Whitaker with Miscanthus at a Biomass Connect Demonstrator Hub

Biomass Connect Project Lead Jeanette Whitaker recently sat down for an exclusive interview with Energy Now. With 25 years of experience at the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) she was asked numerous questions about biomass crops and the role they can play in the UK’s net zero ambitions. The questions posed were:

  • What are the most common biomass crops grown in the UK for energy production?
  • How do farmers determine the best biomass crop for a particular region or climate?
  • What are the main challenges in scaling up biomass crop production?
  • What role do government policies play in promoting or hindering the growth of biomass farming?
  • How does biomass compare to other renewable energy sources in terms of efficiency and environmental impact?
  • Is domestic biomass more sustainable than imported biomass?
  • Which biomass uses should be prioritised now and in future?
  • How important is BECCS to UK net zero ambitions and where can readers see BECCS in action?
  • How do you address concerns about land use and competition with food crops when it comes to biomass farming?
  • What type of innovations are you seeing in this sector and what more would you like to see?

Read the full article on the EnergyNow website to see her answers to these questions and more insights into the biomass sector.

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