Biomass Connect Visit Drax
March 31, 2023

Recently, members of the Biomass Connect team had the opportunity to visit the Drax Power Station, located in Selby, North Yorkshire. The station is the largest power plant in the UK and is responsible for producing around 7% of the country’s electricity. Drax is also the largest decarbonisation project in Europe, and the company is committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

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Photos and Videos from the BGI Demo Event
March 29, 2023

Just a quick news post showcasing some of the photos and videos captured during the recent Biomass Connect Demo Event at the Bio Global Industries Hub Site.

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Bio Global Industries Hosts Successful Biomass Industry Event
March 28, 2023

Bio Global Industries (BGI) hosted an informative and exciting event for over 80 stakeholders from the biomass industry. The event featured a variety of activities, including talks, crop tours, and live demonstrations of biomass material processing.

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Multifunctional Landscapes Report
March 24, 2023

A new policy report titled “Multifunctional Landscapes: Optimising the benefits of nature for society” by The Royal Society has highlighted the importance of creating landscapes that provide multiple benefits to […]

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Growers Wanted for Defra Miscanthus Biodiversity Study
March 23, 2023

The UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (UKCEH) and Fera are looking for Miscanthus growers who are willing to take part in a Defra Biodiversity project. Defra wants to see […]

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Media from the IBERS Demo Event
March 22, 2023

We’ve just published various items of media from the recent Biomass Connect Demo Event at the IBERS, Aberystwyth Hub Site. Here’s a quick round-up for those of you who couldn’t […]

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IBERS Demo Event
March 08, 2023
Trial Site Drone Shot

The recent Biomass Connect demo event at the IBERS hub site was well received. The weather put on quite a show with glorious sunshine and calm conditions that were perfect for the harvesting demos and informal discussions on one of our trial fields. The event was well attended and everyone seemed to have a good time and found it useful. We enjoyed connecting with interested parties from a wide range of backgrounds too.

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Biomass Connect Hub Site Updates – January 2023
March 03, 2023
Biomass Connect Hub Site Updates

Biomass Connect has now collated the January 2023 updates from all 8 of our Hub Sites. We have published these within the Hub Site Updates and they can also be […]

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Hub Site Updates – IBERS Aberystwyth – January 2023
March 02, 2023
IBERS Field 3

January 2023 Risk Assessments for grazing, browsing and crop damage threats were undertaken. Areas of the field that have been drilled with grass seed in field 1 are very wet. […]

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Hub Site Update – Rothamsted Research – North Wyke – January 2023
Macalpine and Flannery calibrating GPS device (Dartmoor in the background)

January 2023 Risk Assessments for grazing, browsing and crop damage threats were undertaken. The cover crop of Perennial Rye Grass has established well. Plough is weathering nicely, and should work […]

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