Biomass Connect Hub Site Updates – October 2023

17 November 2023

Biomass Connect has now collated the October 2023 updates from our Hub Sites.

In general, growth is slowing as we move into autumn and many of the trees are beginning to senesce. Storms caused problems at some sites but damage was minimal in most cases. Some of the Willow and Miscanthus plots are growing extremely well.

There will be plenty to do as we move towards the winter, but updates from the plots themselves will slow down a little. We will be growing our own sida seedlings under glass during the winter ready for planting in Spring 2024. Rothamsted Research will produce material for 7 sites and AFBI will use the same protocol to self-supply similar material for their site in Northern Ireland to avoid phytosanitary restrictions. (Note: These phytosanitary and other regulations may change and are regularly reviewed.)

Find out more from each of the hub sites individually to see how each biomass crop is faring at different locations around the UK. For ease of access here are links to the latest updates.

Hub Site Updates September 2023

October Hub Sites Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos from the sites in October. There are many more in the individual reports:


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