Biomass Connect Hub Site Updates – June 2023

16 August 2023

Biomass Connect has now collated the June 2023 updates from our 8 Hub Sites.

The reports this month include an overview of progress to date at each site. The month of June saw continued dry conditions at all sites. Met Office records show that June 2023 was the hottest on record with an average mean temperature of 15.8ºC, This eclipsed the previous record by 0.9°C. It was also very dry with some areas of the country receiving just 6% of the expected rainfall for the month. Certain trial crops have therefore struggled to establish at some of the hub sites. Others such as the Poplar and Eucalyptus seem to be doing well in most areas. The Willow variety trials and Miscanthus trials have now been planted.

For ease of access here are links to the latest updates from each of the Hub Site from June 2023

Hub Site Updates June 2023

And here are a few photos from the sites in June:

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