Biomass Connect Hub Site Updates – April and May 2023

14 July 2023

Biomass Connect has now collated the April and May 2023 updates from our 8 Hub Sites.

The reports this month include an overview of progress to date at each site. The month of April saw continued preparations for a mammoth planting effort. The month of May saw these preparation come to fruition when the planting teams were able the plant the bare-root woody species at most sites along with planting of Miscanthus too. In total over 100,000 trees were planted by the various teams including:

  • SRF Alder: More than 1200 trees planted
  • Black Locust: More than 2700 trees planted
  • SRC Poplar: More than 7500 trees planted
  • SRF Poplar: More than 1500 trees planted
  • Eucalyptus: More than 2100 trees planted
  • SRC Willow: More than 85000 trees planted

Keep an eye out for updated figures on all species planted once the planting teams return.

For ease of access here are links to the latest updates from April and May 2023

Hub Site Updates April and May 2023

And here are a few photos from the sites in March:

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